Sightseeing of Rogoznica

Why visit Rogoznica

On the southern part of the Šibenik-Knin County, in a deep cove well protected from the wind, 34km away from Šibenik town lies Rogoznica. Today's center Rogoznica is once a part of the land called Kopavica and the Kopara islet, connected by an artificial bulk.
Tourism around Rogoznica has a long tradition of existence since the 1870s. According to the existing data, the most numerous guests were from Austria, the Czech Republic and Italy.

In Rogoznica, near the Marina Frapa Resort Rogoznica lies a frequently visited natural phenomenon called Dragon's Eye lake. The lake is often visited by experts because of its hydro geomorphological uniqueness. From over the years Dragon's Eye lake was very interesting for both locals and visitors, and that is the main reason why many legends about this lake have evolved.

The Church of Our Lady of the Chapel is a cultural beauty located in the immediate vicinity of Marina Frapa Resort Rogoznica. In addition to the Church of Our Lady of the Chapel, our visitors can also visit other cultural legacies such as the church of St. Nicholas, the church of St. John Trogir and the church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary dating back to the 17th century.

When in town of Rogoznica, the unavoidable place to visit is the Sea Aquarium in the open, which certainly captures the attention of every visitor Rogoznica and Marina Frapa Resort Rogoznica.