Tesla charger

While Your favorite electric vehicle is charging with Tesla charger, You enjoy the charms of Marina Frapa.

Since 2018 Marina Frapa Resort Rogoznica offers the owners of Tesla electric cars, the possibility of charging the Tesla cars with a destination charger located in the Marina Frapa open parking lot. In addition to the US and Asia, the "Destination Charging" program was launched in Europe, which Marina Frapa proudly joined and raised its luxury service to a higher level. All Tesla car owners can fully recharge their favorite electric vehicles at Marina Frapa completely free of charge. By joining the carefully network of selected locations with Tesla chargers within the "Destination Charging" program, Marina Frapa has proven to be in line with world trends, offering high quality service and being environmentally conscious and taking care of the environment.

The network of selected locations in the Republic of Croatia (including the world locations) where you can find the Tesla charger can be checked on the official Tesla web site (https://www.tesla.com/en_EU/) and also via their web site you can find out all additional information about Tesla electric cars and directly contact the representatives.