Yacht Club Frapa

Check out the benefits for the prestigious Yacht Club Frapa members. We look forward to seeing you in the club and sharing experiences at the sea.

Yacht Club Frapa was founded with the main goal of offering our appreciated and dear guests and members a special treatment.

In Marina Frapa Resort Rogoznica, as a YCF member you are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Yacht service - 15% discount on service works. (excluding material and subcontractors costs)
  • Restaurants and bars - 15% discount on food and beverages.
  • Hotel accommodation - Three nights free of charge for two persons during pre or post season, after which a discount of 15% applies on all accommodations. (excludes residence tax)
  • Laundry service - 15% discount on all laundry services.
  • Catering service - 15% discount on all catering services.
  • Sports center - 15% discount on the usage of sport facilities.
  • Beauty salon - 15% discount on the beauty salon services.
  • Massage - 15% discount on massages.
  • Swimming pool - free entrance for two persons.
  • Payment - You can pay all services immediately or pay at the reception on departure.

In Marina Frapa Dubrovnik we have prepared the following benefits for you:

  • Caffe bar - Restaurant - 10% discount on food and beverages in Caffe Bar – Restaurant in Marina Frapa
  • Laundry - 10% discount on laundry service
  • Boat cleaning - 10% discount on boat cleaning (inside/outside)
  • Service - 10% discount on service works (excluding material and subcontractor costs)

Benefits in selected restaurants and hotels in Dubrovnik:

  • Restaurants in Dubrovnik - 10-15% discount on food and beverages in restaurants in Dubrovnik which have contract with Marina Frapa
  • Hotels in Dubrovnik - 10-15% discount on accommodation facilities in hotels in Dubrovnik which have contract with Marina Frapa

Special benefits outside Marina Frapa exclusively for Yacht Club Frapa members only with presenting the golden card YCF:

In addition to the usual membership, YCF also provides the organization of sailing regattas and a sailing schools for the adults. The "FRAPA" women's and men's sailing crew can boast remarkable results on numerous domestic and international sailing competitions.

If you want to organize a regatta, YCF can organize and arrange for you:

  • Sailing boats
  • Referees and judges of the regatta
  • Skipper's meeting organization
  • Organization of sea competition
  • Menu organization (from breakfast to dinner)
  • Award ceremony and gala dinner organization
  • Entertainment program

Excellent climatic conditions, beautiful surroundings and clear sea are extra reasons for choosing Marina Frapa as the central location of your sailing and gathering.