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This regulation on the protection of personal data for Laguna trade d.o.o. - Marina Frapa, OIB 18996348579 (hereinafter the Company) applies from May 25, 2018. By using the Company's products and services, you entrust us with your personal data. This Policy describes what data we collect, how we process it and for what purposes we use it, as well as your rights related to your data. From time to time, Laguna Trade d.o.o. may change the Privacy Statement and General Terms of Use that apply to this website.


I. Type of data
We use the following personal data:

  • your basic personal data: name and surname, address, personal identification number (OIB), date of birth, gender, mobile phone number and contact information (email address, phone number)

At any time You can withhold your consent to the use of your personal data by sending a written notification to the address of the headquarters of Laguna trade d.o.o., to the e-mail address or in person at the reception desk of Marina Frapa Rogoznica or Marina Frapa Dubrovnik. You can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time, so your data will not be used for promotional purposes. In this case, Laguna trade d.o.o. can only use them for its internal purposes, e.g. for processing statistical data. Laguna trade d.o.o. commits to keep and use your data in good faith.


II. Purpose of data processing
The Company processes all types of your personal data for the following purposes:

  • Fulfilling the contracts and legal obligations of the Company:

We process basic data for the purpose of selling/providing and accounting for goods and services of the marina in accordance with the valid Ordinance on the internal organization and working methods of the Company, the Regulations on records in the field of work, for the purpose of concluding and executing a contract in which the respondent is a party, and for the purpose of fulfilling the tasks fulfill in mutual interest (Society, Party).

We process your personal data during your inquiries in accordance with the applicable regulations (Act on Consumer Protection, General Data Protection Regulation), as well as for the purpose of notification that we are obliged to provide according to the applicable regulations. For the purpose of selling goods/providing services, we may contact you via the contact information you have provided.

  • Collection of receivables:

If you do not fulfill your contractual obligations, in order to protect ourselves as a creditor, we may pass on the appropriate personal data and use the services of natural and legal persons for the collection of claims (e.g. law firms, debt collection agencies and the like). Before we take such action, we will specifically notify you via the contact information you provided to give you an opportunity to comment.

  • Contacting

During the contractual relationship, as well as after the termination of our contractual relationship, during a period of two years, we contact you through the following communication channels for which you have given us your consent:
– electronic mail,
– social networks,
– in writing (by mail).


III. Data collection
Some personal data about you may be collected from the forms you fill out on our website (name, surname, email, phone number), details of your visit to our website, including data that can result in your identification, such as Internet Protocol (IP) address. We collect some data automatically - using web cookies, which you can read more about in the Cookies section.

When we collect data through video surveillance, we do so in accordance with legal provisions and in justified cases for the purpose of protecting employees, visitors and property.


IV. Rights of users/respondents
a) Right to rectification;
b) Right to erasure;
c) The right to limit distribution;
d) The right to the possibility of data transfer;
e) The right to object;
f) Right to appeal;
g) Exercising rights:
If you wish to exercise any of the above rights, please contact us using the following contact information:

Marina Frapa Rogoznica

+385 22 55 99 00

Marina Frapa Dubrovnik

+385 20 42 22 66


V. Storage period
We usually delete your personal data after the termination of the contractual relationship, and at the latest after the expiration of all legal obligations related to the storage of personal data, except in the case that the procedure for forced collection of unpaid claims has been initiated or if an objection has been lodged to the product or service within the deadline, until the final completion complaint procedures in accordance with applicable regulations.


VI. Cookies
Like many other sites, the site may use "cookies" and other technologies that help deliver specific content according to your interests, process your reservation or inquiry, and/or analyze your site visit pattern. "Cookies" and similar tracking systems are packets of data used by servers to send status information to a user's browser and to return status information to the original server through that same browser. Based on this pattern, the information is adapted to your needs and the way you usually use the Internet. Cookies and similar tracking systems may be installed on your device depending on your browser settings. As is the case with many other portals, the website may use "cookies" and other technologies that facilitate the delivery of content depending on your areas of interest, the processing of reservations or requests, and/or the analysis of the characteristics of your visits. Cookies by themselves cannot be used to reveal your personal identity. When you access the site, this information identifies the properties of your browser to our servers, but not you. If you want to delete or disable cookies on your computer at any time, you can update the settings of your internet browser (find information on how to delete and disable cookies on your browser by selecting the "Help" menu) Laguna trade d.o.o. may further collect information using "pixel tags". , "network signals", "empty GIFs" or similar means (collectively called "pixel tags") that make it possible to find out when you visit our portal and how you use Laguna trade d.o.o. e-mail messages or advertisements.