THE BEST MARINA IN CROATIA: The Golden Anchor of the Nautical Patrol for 2022

GOLDEN ANCHOR – the biggest Croatian award in nautical and nautical tourism for the year 2022 was won by MARINA FRAPA ROGOZNICA.

The golden anchor for the year 2022 was awarded by nautical guests of Croatian marinas to Marina Frapa Rogoznica. The average of their grades is 4.9. Another source of the marina's rating was its online reputation, with 16000 followers on the marina's Facebook page and an average rating of 4.6 (almost 5 stars) on Google reviews.

Marina Frapa Rogoznica won this highest Croatian award for the second time in a row - the first time for the summer season of 2021, when guests of Croatian marinas gave her the highest marks during the summer tour of the Nautical Patrol trough marinas by sailboat. The special value of this Golden Anchor compared to the previous five is that the sailors' vote was not only for the season but for the whole year - both in the pre-season, in the summer and in the post-season.