Town of Rogoznica: 5 highlight reasons to visit Rogoznica

For those looking for a warm and quiet place to spend summer days, away from the city's "crowds", the historic town of Rogoznica is an ideal place to relax with fresh air and sip the colorful summer cocktails.

If you choose to spend your vacation in Central Dalmatia, here are some of the main features of the town of Rogoznica, the main reasons why it is worth visiting.

1.      Location

The lovely town of Rogoznica extends for 50km of the coastline and it is in the heart of Central Dalmatia, between two famous historical towns of Šibenik and Split. As soon as you arrive in this charming Dalmatian place you will be enchanted by s stunning scenery, lush nature, a karst landscape and a stunning coastline overlooking the turquoise blue sea. This area is known for many hidden beaches and small coves that you should enjoy exploring.

2.      Cultural and historic heritage

Rogoznica, as well as most Dalmatian towns, is very rich in cultural and historical heritage.  It is dominated by old stone houses with two or four roof tops, covered with slabs. Each house is decorated with traditional Dalmatian green shutters that give the place a special touch of folk architecture. When in Rogoznica do not miss visiting many valuable sacral buildings, including the church of St. Nicholas, the Church of the Assumption and the Little Chapel of the Virgin Mary.

3.      Activities

For lovers of sports activities in search of an active vacation, the old town of Rogoznica with lush nature is the perfect choice. There are several tennis courts, a sports center with bowling and squash courts, numerous beaches and coves and bicycle trails. Rogoznica is famous for cycling routes.  So catch the bike and enjoy driving through the beautiful nature surrounded by the scent of fragrant flowers such as lavender, mimosa and rosemary.

4.      Gastronomy

Rogoznica is a gourmet mecca for all those who have a special crush on traditional Mediterranean cuisine. There are many traditional taverns offering simple but very tasty dishes prepared according to traditional Dalmatian recipes. You can enjoy in meat dishes prepared under the traditional Peka (baking oven), fish dishes and grilled vegetables in homemade olive oil. In the end do not forget to try some traditional desserts such as the traditional Rožata (pudding cake originally from Dubrovnik, but very famous dessert in the Central Dalmatia) or Pana Cotta (originally from Italy, but very popular in Dalmatia) or you can simply enjoy the fresh seasonal fruit salads. Dalmatia is very popular for vineyards and the production of top quality wines, figs and fig brandy. Almost every tavern in Rogoznica offers these traditional alcoholic drinks.

5.      Events

Rogoznica is very desirable destination for tourists from all over the world especially because of the intangible cultural and historical heritage. There are numerous manifestations that take place in Rogoznica, visited by locals and by visitors. Probably the most remarkable event is traditional “Easter Breakfast” on Easter Monday held on the main square of Rogoznica and represents the opening of the summer season. Also, very popular is the Carnival of Rogoznica and sacral manifestation called Votive Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Chapel. Other remarkable manifestations that take place in Rogoznica are music evenings and events within nautical tourism including popular regattas. Since the town of Rogoznica became one of the most popular weekend destinations, its cultural and social life became more developed.