Sailing life: Why is sailing good for your health?

Sailing is the most beautiful sport and activity in which you can explore the distant and nearby coasts and all the blessings they offer. But in addition to wander lusting, sailing greatly contributes to your health and well-being, both physical and emotional.

Sailing strengthens your body

Time spent on board always requires a certain amount of physical activity and work. During sailing, there are various tasks you must overcome and affect your body, though you may not notice it immediately. Sailing gives great benefits to your body. All that ducking, hoisting and sail trimming develop your muscle strength and improve your metabolism, agility, flexibility as well as your hand-eye coordination. And after all, you can enjoy the traditional tasty homemade cuisine.

Sun, sea and fresh ocean air

Another advantage of sailing that certainly has positive impact on your body and state of mind is spending time on fresh air and soaking up sunshine. You also have opportunity to swim when you stop in beautiful bay. According to Hippocrates, the father of clinical medicine, often regarded numerous healing properties of the sea water which eventually led to the establishment of saltwater treatments we use to this day. Sailing, in fact, enables us to enjoy the perfect combination of all these natural riches.

Perfect peace of mind

Sailing also has effect on your peace of mind, calmness and happiness. The sound of the waves and the smell of salty water with the caress of the sun relax you. Also, the duties you have on the sailboat while sailing improve your organization skills and concentration. Working together with other members of the crew on the sailboat improves also your communication skills and it makes your time more productive, exciting and meaningful. All activities you do on the sailboat make you leave your worries on the land, far away from you.

Sailing is a sport that really has a therapeutic effect, transforms and relaxes the soul and body. Sailing is one of those things that really make you live your life. So, relax, enjoy, sail and mirno more.