Exploring Rogoznica: 3 Things to Discover in Rogoznica

Exploring Rogoznica: 3 Things to Discover in Rogoznica

Rogoznica is a charming settlement situated in northern Dalmatia and offers everything you could ask for on your vacations. Well, almost everything.

Here are three „must see“ things when visiting Rogoznica:

1.      The Dragon's Eye Lake

Rogoznica is well-known for crystal clear blue waters and beautiful beaches but this time amazing natural phenomena Dragon's Eye Lake (jezero Zmajevo Oko) is stealing the show. It is situted in a deep canyon surruonded by stunning high stone cliffs that serve as the perfect spot to jump into crystal clear lake water, so clean that you can almost drink from it. The water looks as if it was boiling which is the main reason why the locals have developed many legends about its formation. Due to its unique geo-hydro-morphological features including special physical and chemical properties, experts and scientists often visit and study it. They often compare the lake with the Black Sea, the Framvaren Fjord in Norway or the crater lake Pavin in France. This natural scene is surely the highlight of the town of Rogoznica and the first thing in the list "must see".

2.      Miraculous and Mystical Cape Planka

It is situated 2km southeast from the town of Rogoznica and it is the most outstreched part of the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea. In the first century BC it was almost impossible to sail around Cape Planka (or Cape Diomedes) during a storm. This area is very typical for two strong winds jugo and bura. It is very special place because it devides the area on two separate parts with different climatic conditions. On the one part the largest waves you can see on the Adraitc are crushing against the cliffs, and on the other side the sea is as calm as you could imagine. This is another natural phenomena on this area which you can experience only here. Cape Planka was well-known to Greek sailors under the name of Cape Diomedes. Even the famous author Homerous mentioned this cape in his piece „Iliad „where the character of Diomedes himself, who was one of the greates heroes in Greek mythology, sailed around it.

3.      Museum in The Sea

Cape Planka is the place where many ships sank when attempting to sail or anchor during a huge storm. In this area sunk a Roman ship with 150 amphora of full wine when sailing from northern Italy to Greece. The site was excavated and preserved in 1998. During the cold days of the Winter War in January 1942, a large Italian ship named "Nunzio" sunk into this area. In addition to the abovementioned sunken ships there were many others who completed the navigation in this area. Rogoznica waters are filled with shipwrecks from different historical periods. It can be said that at the bottom of Rogoznica there is a museum with historical material for intriguing scientists and tourists.