Yacht Service

In the shortest possible time we will eliminate malfunctions on vessels

Repairs and a request for regular maintenance of the vessel are organized at the request of the owner.

The Marine Frapa Dubrovnik staff will eliminate any malfunctions as soon as possible. Marina Frapa Dubrovnik has a wide network of subcontractors and if necessary or at the request of the owner it is possible to arrange specialized repairs either on hull / propulsion machinery or vessel's equipment, which does not exclude the following repairs:

  • Rudder
  • Propeller
  • Bow Thruster
  • Sails
  • Engine
  • Air conditioners
  • Special vessel equipment


The Marine Frapa Dubrovnik yacht service department within the scope of its activity performs the following maintenance work on the vessel:

  • Ignition and regular control of the engine
  • Regular monitoring of the battery status, charging if necessary
  • Control of electrical installations and fuses
  • Pumping a black tank
  • System maintenance
  • Changing different types of pumps
  • Pumping of bilge and disposal of waste oil
  • Maintenance of the sanitary system which includes control of pumps and pipelines
  • Basic air conditioning cleaning
  • Temporary resolution of minor damage to the sails
  • Internal and external cleaning of the vessel