Waste disposal

The main locations for waste disposal are marked on the Marina Frapa Dubrovnik map plan

Constant environmental protection also requires a special disposal of hazardous waste produced within the marina.

For this reason we have arranged stations for waste collection. We kindly ask you to use them for the disposal of following material: waste oil 1st and 2nd category, oil filters, used motor oil, batteries, oil cans, oil clothes, poisoned packaging, sludge, packaging of paints and varnishes.

If you need help with the disposal of waste, please do not hesitate to ask for it at our front desk of the marina or at one of our sailors. Our employees will help you with pleasure.
The marina has a floating eco barrier in case of ecological problems within the marina (e.g. fuel loss) which would stop the spread of contamination outside the maritime area of the marina.

We are inviting you to help us to keep the marina neat and clean to the satisfaction of all users.

The main sites for waste disposal are marked on the Marina Frapa map plan.

Hazardous waste is disposed by an authorized company with whom Laguna trade d.o.o. has concluded a contract.