Franjo Pašalić in front of the mega yacht Domenika on the pier in the marina Frapa / Photo: Mladen Gerovac (

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EXCLUSIVELY: Franjo Pašalić designed and presented his first mega yacht

The owner of Marina Frapa in Rogoznica and Dubrovnik, as a designer and creator, is launching the first Croatian chain and brand of mega yachts Dolphin with the fascinating super luxury yacht Domenika.

The yacht is called Domenika. She sailed for five days from a shipyard in Turkey to Rogoznica. And here it is now, tied sideways on the pier closest to the heart of the marina, which already includes luxury yachts of the wealthiest guests of Frapa.

Domenika is a beautiful and elegant ship of 37 meters with a high superstructure on three decks. The antenna system of communication and navigation devices at the top of the ship is the first hint of its power.

Franjo Pašalić will present the first Croatian super yacht at the two largest European meeting places for rich yachtmen. At the Yachting Festival in Cannes held (confirmed) from 6 to 11 September and at the Yacht Show in Monaco from 28 September till 1 October 2022. It will be offered for sale, at a price of no more than 15 million euros.

A new, larger, megayacht "MATO" will be under construction soon

This is what Pašalić's next yacht will look like 3 meters longer - Mato.

In its preliminary design of the super yacht "Mato", two more versions have already been developed: Dinamic and Elegant.

Photogallery: Domenika 

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