Art in Frapa: „Close to my dreams “exhibition by Petr Lichtenberg

In the period from 01 July to 31 July all visitors of Rogoznica and Marina Frapa can enjoy the art exhibition by Czech artist Petr Lichtenberg.

The name of the exhibition "Close to my dreams" has a special meaning for the artist. Petr claims that each of us has our dreams that seem far-reaching to us. So, Petr had two dreams-as a child dreamed of being every day on the sea although his native town of Chrudim in the Czech Republic where he grew up is miles away from the sea. Another dream was to paint and that one day someone recognizes his work and receives recognition. Now his dreams are fulfilled - he is on the sea in the beautiful Rogoznica and has an exhibition in the most beautiful Croatian marina Marina Frapa.

Petr himself says he is an amateur artist, although acknowledgments and awards he has received for his art so far claim to us just the opposite. Although he began to paint from the age of 42 and he claims to be an amateur artist, Petr has received numerous acknowledgments and public attention for his art in a very short time.

We particularly highlight the second place in the International Competition of Eight European Countries - the European Art Awards 2016 where the jury chose the best works of art among 240 of them. The artist also received a prize in his state-Art fest 2017.

The artistic professional community often links Peter's artistic expression with the presentation of reality and even photorealism. The main motives are droplets of water and waves that perfectly fits into Marina Frapa's marine environment and nautical story.