Pastries in Frapa: Baking is love made edible

Baklava, macaroons, tart, biscotti, brownie, cheesecake, cupcakes, cake pops, vanilla cream pie, upside-down cake, souffle, sherbet, strudel, red velvet cake, panna cotta, praline, meringue, creme caramel, fruit cake and eclair- all sweets you can find in our Pastry and Ice Cream Cafe Frapa.

In the centre of the Marina Frapa Resort Rogoznica complex overlooking the entire Rogoznica bay, between restaurant Ancora and Wine shop Frapa, there is a charming Pastry and Ice Cream Cafe.

Did you know that pastry chefs play an important role in the kitchen because of their unique skills, expert knowledge and exceptional organization? If you love preparing delicious desserts and learning the scientific principles behind their flavours, this piece might be right for you.

4 facts about pastry

Each ingredient has its own specific purpose: the flour provides the mixture structure, the baking powder or the soda adds the air bubbles, the eggs act as a glue bringing all ingredients together, the oil and butter make the mixture lighter, and milk or water provide moisture.

1. It's a fight between ingredients to grab water

It is important to mix the dry ingredients in the right order, because all your ingredients are fighting for one thing: water. If you do it wrong, the dough will not be able to get to it and will shrink. That's the secret of tasty cupcakes, muffins and brownies.

2. Sugar plays very important role

Sugar plays more important role in baking than just as a sweetener. It attracts water and keeps it from other ingredients. Too much sugar- and the cake is crumbling. Too little- and it is hard as a rock. Note it when preparing macaroons, panna cotta or pralines.

3. Flour makes magic connection between ingredients

Flour is essential for joining all the ingredients because it absorbs water and forms gluten chains that create connection between all ingredients while baking. The mixture traps the air in your food while it expands, helping it get up. Use this tip while preparing a cake of cheese, vanilla cream and upside-down cake.

4. The secret of eggs

We've already mentioned that eggs keep all ingredients together, but you need to know that egg yolks contain lipids, a special type of fat that adds colour and flavour to cookies and cakes. Also, the egg whites contain proteins that come together when heated, giving mixture the structure. You can notice it while preparing tart, creme caramel and meringue.

And don’t forget: The secret ingredient is always love!