Hafenordnung der Marina Frapa Dubrovnik*


1. Provisions of this Ordinance refer to all boats and yachts (hereinafter referred to as „the Boat“) and to all boat managers/ yachtsmen and boats or yachts owners and to persons who are working or staying in the Marina Frapa Dubrovnik territory (hereinafter referred to as „Users“).

2. Upon entering or arriving at the marina, the User is obliged to report the arrival at the reception without delay, with boat documents and confirmations that customs and police formalities have been completed and the crew passports.

3. The Marine Directorate determines berth place of the vessel, in accordance with the plan of berthing and landing, and is the only person authorized to move them, if necessary or to the request of the User.

4. By issuing keys /approvals for navigation to the User or an authorized person by the reception, the Maritime Conservation and Control Authority shall cease to be responsible, irrespective of whether the vessel is in contact or in navigation.

5. The supply of vessels with potable water and electricity is permitted only in the presence of the vessel User by using correct connections.

6. Parking of the User’s private vehicles is permitted only at marked parking places. If the vehicle User leaves the marina and leaves the vehicle on a parking place, he/ she is obliged to leave the keys at the reception. All inappropriate parked vehicles will be removed by the marina workers on the vehicle User cost and risk.

7. In the marina it is not allowed to:

  • endanger the safety of navigation, human life and the environment in any way;
  • disable the access to mooring devices;
  • Move, change or remove berths or devices of other vessels unless it is necessary to prevent immediate and obvious damage or when necessary for the arrival or departure of the vessel;
  • bind vessels for navigation and other markings and devices not intended for mooring and moving them;
  • put the installation of satellite dishes, showers and other gadgets for galleons and attachment and to hang devices by galleys or in the marine territory;
  • damage the operational coasts by heavy vehicles, by placing heavy objects over permitted loads, pinch wedges, beams etc., and lift stones from the coastal walls or perform any other action that damages the operational shores;
  • fire the open fire on the shore or on the boat and on the attachment devices, weld, leave on a boat or near an open vessel with flammable or explosive materials or in any other way cause fire hazard;
  • burn the trash on the vessel;
  • clean, scrape and paint the overhead or underwater part of the boat’s hull and carry out repairs and reconstruction works of the hull, deck and machinery;
  • pollute the air discharging dust, smoke and other gases above the permissible quantities laid down by special regulations;
  • maintain a propulsion engine, except for carrying out the required maneuvering of the vessel;
  • leave the engines in operation and have the included technical appliances on gas or electricity or have charged batteries when there is no crew on the board;
  • swim, dive, do fishing, sail at high speed, windsurf, do water skiing and to do wind-surfing;
  • sail at speeds greater than 2 knots;
  • throw or dispose solids, liquid or gaseous pollutants that pollute the marina;
  • wash, clean, dy, polish and the like operations using chemicals (detergents, solvents, paint) that could reach the sea and cause environmental pollution;
  • post markings, advertisements and other messages;
  • disturb public order and peace in the marina,
  • disturb the peace of other guests with a noise especially at night from 22:00 until 07:00;
  • use the services of third parties to supervise, maintain or to carry out works on board without the approval of the Marine Directorate;
  • leave the pets without leash and owner supervision. Pets owners are obliged to keep the marine environment clean;
  • remain or to make any movement at the marine operating territory for unauthorized persons;
  • leave on the piers or on the shore boat tenders, inflatables or long equipment from the vessel;
  • move the vessel to another berth without the permission of the Marine Directorate;
  • use the boat toilette and empty fecal tanks and balusters in the sea;
  • hold a vessel on the stretch where no work is done and / or hold any other material;
  • anchor the boat with its own anchor inside the marine.

8. For the preparation of vessel for delivering it for guarding, the User is obliged to:

  • switch off the electricity supply fom the land or own battery,
  • disconnect boat connections from water supply installations,
  • remove all flammable and explosive materials from the vessel;
  • check the level of accumulated water in the lower parts of the vessel;
  • close all valves in the openings on the underwater part of the hull;
  • check the accuracy and reliability of the boat mooring;
  • remove movable equipment from the deck and open sections of the superstructure and store them in the interior or storage room;
  • close the entry into the interior of the vessel.

9. By entering the area of maritime port Marina Frapa Dubrovnik, you have to stick to this Ordinance.

10. The Marine Directorate reserves the right, in the case of non-compliance with the Ordinance in the Port of Marina Frapa Dubrovnik, to deny the consent of the vessel to stay in the marina.

11. All users whoose vessel is berthed in the Marina Frapa Dubrovnik are allowed to write their impressions and appeals int he „Complaint Book“ at the Marine reception.

Dubrovnik, December 8th, 2022.

Directorate of Marina Frapa Dubrovnik

* The full version of the Ordinance can be found on the Marina Frapa Dubrovnik Board