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Visitor's tax for boaters


According to the new visitor's tax law, a flat rate visitor's tax is paid by the owners or users of vessels (yachtsmen) for themselves and for all persons staying overnight on the vessel if the vessel is more than 5 meters long with bunks.

The paid flat rate amount covers the stay on board along the entire Croatian cost.

The flat rate amount of the visitor's tax can be paid for different time periods at the Harbor Master's Office or its branch office.

Yachtsmen paying the flat rate amount of the visitor's tax for the first time will get a vignette and an invoice for a limited time period. The second and every next time of payment only an invoice for the new time period will be issued.

For vessels of Croatian nationality the vignette is valid unlimited or till technical characteristics of the vessel change which are the condition for the payment of the visitor's tax.
The vignette has to be placed at a visible place and the invoice proving the payment of the visitor's tax has to be always on board.

For those guests who charter a vessel, the charter company charges the visitor's tax at the departure port for the entire duration of the charter and for every person on board.

The flat rate amount of the visitor's tax is determined by the length of the vessel.

The prices are shown in the following table:

Vessel length        Time period            Amount in HRK   
5 - 9 meters  
                                         up to 8 days                      150,00   
                                       up to 15 days                      300,00   
                                       up to 30 days                      400,00   
                                       up to 90 days                      600,00   
                                      up to 1 year                       1.000,00   
9 - 12 meters  
                                         up to 8 days                     200,00   
                                      up to 15 days                      350,00   
                                      up to 30 days                      500,00   
                                      up to 90 days                      650,00   
                                      up to 1 year                       1.100,00   
12 - 15 meters   
                                        up to 8 days                     300,00   
                                      up to 15 days                      400,00   
                                      up to 30 days                      600,00   
                                      up to 90 days                      750,00   
                                      up to 1 year                       1.300,00   
15 - 20 meters   
                                        up to 8 days                     400,00   
                                      up to 15 days                      500,00   
                                      up to 30 days                      700,00   
                                      up to 90 days                      850,00   
                                     up to 1 year                       1.500,00   
over 20 meters   
                                        up to 8 days                     600,00   
                                      up to 15 days                      800,00   
                                      up to 30 days                      1.000,00   
                                      up to 90 days                      1.300,00   
                                     up to 1 year                       1.700,00   


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