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About Rogoznica

Rogoznica is located on the southern part of the county Šibensko-kninska, in a deep bay which is well protected from the wind, only 34 km away from Šibenik. Today the center of Rogoznica comprises the former mainland part called Kopača and the islet of Kopara, that are connected by an artificial embankment.  

The mainland of Rogoznica was inhabited already in 1390. But fearing the Turkish army, the inhabitants moved for security reasons in 1518 to a small island.
Originating from ancient times, the folk celebration „Gospe od kapelice“ is honored on July 2nd. The picture of Our Lady (Mother of God) is carried in the company of a priest and young women to the village and then it is carried by the priesthood and people to the local church, On the third Sunday in July the picture is brought in procession on land and sea back to his sanctuary, which is located on the peninsula of Gradina. According tradition, at the beginning of the 18th century, a fisher brought the found picture home, but it went miraculously back to the same place and since then this religious festival is honored every year.

The oldest historical monument is the church of St. John's from Trogir, built in 1324 on the cape of Ploče. Also, a church of St. Nicolas was built in the Ložice bay, in the old village. The parish church built in 1615 was restored and completed in the 19th century. In the recent history the nearby village Zečevo became known  during the Patriotic War when volunteers while defending Šibenik from the enemy airplanes hit two planes from the Yugoslav army and shouted „Both went down!“ This battle shout erupted momentarily all over the world.

In the past the inhabitants of Rogoznica dealt mainly with fishing and agriculture. Nor today they have not forgotten their traditional professions in spite of the today's touristic orientation.
This beautiful fishing village has a naturally protected harbor with a deep gauge which has always provided a safe berth for every seaman. Thick pine forest, a long coastal path, nice beaches, islets and bays as well as the Dragon's eye lake attract besides the yachtsmen many other tourists. Fresh fish is every day available in the restaurants.  

The mild Mediterranean climate has provided a safe and comfortable life what made this area suitable for the establishment of settlements. There are many traces of human presence on this area during the past centuries (fragments of pottery, amphorae, roof tiles, coins, graves, grave monuments, gravestones and sarcophagi parts etc.). According to these findings it seems that life on this area has especially flourished in the antiquity and late antiquity. Due to a Greek seaman from the first half of the 4th century B.C. we have the oldest information about Rogoznica. According Skylax from Krayanda, on the coast between Krka and Cetina lived two Ilyrian tribes: on the northern part of this coastline on a peninsula which was supposedly a little bit smaller than Peloponnese, the town and port of Heraclea was home to a tribe called the Hili. According to his description, it was confirmed that the Hili has inhabited the peninsula Bosiljine and that is why the peninsula is also called Hyllus peninsula. The Hili, according to historians, a tribe of the Dorians who has come from Syracuse and has founded Issa, but has also settled in the town of Heraclea, which is located somewhere in the area of Rogoznica. During Teuta's war the Hili came under the authority of the Ilyrians what is confirmed by a gravestone from this era found in Stupin in 1968. It is kept in the Šibenik City Museum and shows the Ilyrians and Hili tribes. It is assumed that in the Bay of Stupin an Ilyrian city is submerged and one of the traces from that time is the prehistoric ruin of Stupinska Glavica with pottery leavings.  
The exact location of Heraclea, which coined its own money, is still in dispute and can be determined only through further investigation. However, some archeologists are convinced that Heraclea was on the area of Rogoznica because of the ideal anchorage for merchant ships.



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