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From the rich offer of the marina Frapa we would like to point out the importance of the service and boat maintenance. All service works on the boats have to be arranged and organized on time, that will preserve your boat and it will be in a good condition and ready for the summer period.

 The recommendation of the service department is to protect the boat during the winter period and lower temperatures. The professional service team of the marina Frapa offers different solutions, which often depend on the type and needs for each boat.  

The recommendation of the service department for your on-sea-located boat is a monthly starting of the motor and generator, on this way also the boat batteries will be charged. The recommendations for boats that are during the winter onshore are the conservation of the motor and the battery charging. Boat batteries can be charged in the service of the marina Frapa and/or directly on board. 

The marina Frapa service will assign for ordered works of motor starting or battery charging a responsible person – employee of the marina Frapa service, who will have the responsibility to take care of your boat for the entire duration of the work. This person will also have the responsibility to control the bulge, to check the winter covers and to air out the boat.

As part of its business activity the marina Frapa service performs also the following work:
Emergency repairs on vessels (engines, navigation equipment, sailing equipment)
Regular service of engines and boat equipment
Contracted maintenance of boats and equipment

Repairs of vessels (elimination of accident consequences and other damage on the vessel and equipment, painting and varnishing of boats)
Others work for the preparation of the boat for the sea
Works on the infrastructure maintenance of the nautical tourism port
Towing vessels in the sea around Rogoznica
Filling of gas bottles

The following equipment is always at your disposal in the service area:
75-ton travel lift for lifting and lowering of vessels
Waste disposal site for waste oil, filters and batteries
Device for discharging of fecal tanks

Only employees of the marina Frapa service, boat owners and/or registered crew members, affiliates or registered subcontractors are allowed to carry out the works in the marina Frapa service.  Registered subcontractors are only those persons or companies that have a work permission in the marina Frapa service and have a confirmation in form of a signed valid cooperation contract in accordance with the Croatian legislation. 

Engine producers of engines with a high power require a regular and prescribed maintenance and control, cleaning and/or replacement of certain devices, depending on the number of working hours or after a specified time period. A detailed control of the engine compartment and other devices is usually done in the winter. It is very important to compile, start and organize the necessary winter works in time. This guarantees the further proper functioning of the boat engine and other things and the vessel is prepared for the summer period in time.
If irregularities in the motor or any other device in the engine compartment exist from the past, the winter period is the right time to remove all defects and damages and to prepare the boat in time for the upcoming season. The marina Frapa service has about 30 permanent employees who have many years of experience in the maintenance of boats and guarantee a high quality maintenance service. The ordered service works are carried out by authorized employees of the marina Frapa in specialized areas, taking care to protect the environment and meet all requirements for the disposal of waste water, oil, lubricants, batteries and fuel.
Service work can be arranged or ordered by filling out the order form on our homepage.

Terms of payment:
1. For works with an estimated value over 1.000,00 € it is necessary to prepay the amount of 50% before the work starts.
2. All overdue debts to the marina Frapa have to be paid before the beginning of any new work.
3. The total amount has to be paid immediately upon completion of the work.  

We are offering attractive accommodation rates in the hotel marina Frapa during the service works and/or maintenance of your boat on shore in the winter period.
You have the opportunity to book the best accommodation on time with a discount of 50%.
Additional payment per day per person for half board is 20,- €.
The promotional offer is valid for all boats onshore in the marina Frapa having an open work order for the boat or having an open combined onshore overwinter service.


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