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Port regulation


1.    The house rules apply to all users of the marina Frapa services, as well as to all other subjects who find themselves within the territory and sea area of the marina and to those who berth on the buoys behind the 10th pier.

2.   On arrival at the marina „Frapa“ all users of yachts, rooms and apartments are obliged to register at the reception and to deposit the boat and personal documents.  

3.    From the moment when the boat documents are given back to the yacht user, the yacht counts as taken over. In this case the marina „Frapa“ has no responsibility for the guarded yacht.

4.    Every receipt or outgoing of boat equipment that is on the inventory list has to be reported at the marina reception.

5.    Batteries, waste oil, fuel and other fats and cleaning agents have to be disposed at allocated places.

6.    On each yacht every berth user has to have a functioning fire protection equipment.

7.    The berth user is allowed to connect on the power box only with a proper cable and plug.

8.    A connection to the water installation is only allowed with proper water pipes and valvet and when washing with a water gun.

9.    When leaving the yacht the water and power supply have to be necessarily turned off. If a berth user wants the yacht to be permanently connected to the power (for various reasons), he will be solely responsible in case of damage.

10.   The yacht has to be tied up  professionally and seamanlike, according the common way in touristic ports and in accordance with the marina staff instructions. The lines has to be long enough and qualitive to ensure a proper mooring and to avoid damage on other boats. 

11.    For placing warning signs or sale offers for yachts, it is necessary to have an approval of the marina management.

12.   Service repairs, works on yachts and the engine must be carried out in the service area. The stay of unauthorized persons within the operating range of the crane, travel-lift and service is forbidden.

13.    The marina is not responsible for dinghies, outboard engines, motor drives and propellers.

14.    Piers and the access walkway have to be free for pedestrian traffic. Car driving is not allowed.

15.    Supporting means of transport like bicycles, mopeds and carts have to be parked at allocated places next to the walkway (at the entrances to the piers) and have to be marked with the yacht name.

16.    The following is forbidden in the marina „Frapa“:
-   to light an open fire;
-    to use the on-board toilet;
-    fast gliding, water-skiing, swimming, diving or fishing;
-    driving faster than 3 knots;
-    hang laundry on the piers or within the marina area;
-    to allow dogs and other animals to run free;
-   disturb the peace and order by shouting and noise, especially between 23:00-07:00 (except in catering facilities during their opening time);
-    install satellite dishes, showers and other devices on the piers and berthing facilities;
-   to move, change, remove or damage navigation and other signs or mooring equipment;
- grind hull and underwater hull or perform hull repairs or reconstruction of hull, deck, equipment or engine,
- pollute the air by emitting dust, smoke and other gases above the permitted limits,
- leave the operating or ancillary engine or any other technical device that uses gas or liquid fuel or electricity running when no crew members are on board,
- throw, dispose of or emit any solid, liquid or gaseous substances which may contaminate the marina,
- put crafts and other Yacht equipment alongside the Yacht berth on the pier. Such items will be removed at the expense of the Yacht user and stored.
- perform any cleaning, painting, polishing or similar work using chemicals (detergents, solvents, paints) that may end up in the waters of the marina and pollute the environment,
- engage the services of third parties for watchkeeping, maintenance or repair works without the prior approval of marina management,
- anchor Yachts inside the waters of the marina Frapa at their own anchor.

17. Upon entering the port of the nautical tourism port Marina Frapa you must comply with these regulations.

18. In case of breach of these regulations Marina Frapa reserves the right to cancel the berth contract.

19. You can report your objections to the reception and record them in the Complaints Book.


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