Yacht service

Prepare your vessel for the summer sailing.

All service works on the boats must be arranged and organized on time, that will preserve your boat and will be in a good condition and ready for summer period.

As a part of the business activity Marina Frapa service department performs also the following work:

  • Emergency repairs on vessels (engines, navigation equipment, sailing equipment)
  • Regular service of engines and boat equipment
  • Contracted maintenance of boats and equipment
  • Repairs of vessels (elimination of accident consequences and other damage on the vessel and equipment, painting and varnishing of boats)
  • Others work for the preparation of the boat for the sea
  • Works on the infrastructure maintenance of the nautical tourism port
  • Towing vessels in the sea around Rogoznica
  • Filling of gas bottles

The following equipment is always at your disposal in the service area:

  • 75-ton travel lift for lifting and lowering of vessels
  • Waste disposal site for waste oil, filters and batteries
  • Device for discharging of fecal tanks

Terms of payment:

  • For works with an estimated value over 1.000,00 € it is necessary to prepay the amount of 50% before the work starts.
  • All overdue debts to the Marina Frapa Resort Rogoznica must be paid before the beginning of any new work.
  • The total amount must be paid immediately upon completion of the work.
    Additional benefits:
  • During the period of service and / or works on the maintenance of your boat on the mainland during the winter period, we grant you 50% discount on the bed and breakfast in the hotels Marine Frapa Resort Rogoznica
  • Half board service and full board service are not included in the price, half board is 24,00€ per person per day and full board service is 44,00€ per person per day
  • Extra bed in the room or apartment is 20,00€ per night
  • The promotional offer is valid for all boats onshore in the Marina Frapa Resort Rogoznica having an open work order for the boat or having an open combined onshore overwinter service.